Muse Story

“Muse” refers to a person or force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist, “Store” on the other hand, refers to a shop of any size. Combined together, “Muse Store” can be translated into an “Inspiration Shop”. 

In our efforts to supporting local economy, our store acts as a platform for homegrown entrepreneurs such as single parents and housewives to sell their homemade products online. Not only did we create this store to help them pick up a second income, but we also hope to be able to inspire others to create more and achieve their dreams. 

Edible products sold here are healthier, high in quality, lower in price, and was carefully handpicked alongside non edible products to ensure, enhance, and optimize the customer experience. 

We firmly believe that every product purchased from our store is the greatest amount of support we can give to each other in a world that tells us to do otherwise. 

May you be inspired today, to inspire others tomorrow.

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