Why Energy Management Program is Vital?

  • Enhance industrial economic performance and competitiveness
  • Optimizing your profit by energy cost saving
  • Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Maximizing the efficiency of equipment
  • Increasing energy awareness among staffs
  • Incorporating renewable energy
  • Improving power quality and reliability
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved maintenance practices
  • Improve corporate image and credibility among stakeholder, regulators, customers, prospective clients and the public

Give you and your business the ultimate Advantage over your competitor

"The truth about engaging with energy management"


Energy should be viewed as any other valuable raw material resource required to run a business. Energy has cost and environmental impacts. Energy management is essential in order to grow business's profitability and raise competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Energy Management is a systematic process for continually improving energy performance. It is suitable for all organisations in whatever the size or sector is, but is particularly beneficial if you operate energy-intensive processes. Companies that have engaged and implemented all the energy opportunities show tangible benefits in their utility bills. However, there are a few issues preventing implementation of effective energy management.


The four major factors:


Too Busy and No Time

Utility and Maintenance managers work on daily emergencies and have no time to identify the reason of unusual spikes.

Incompetent and Too Complicated

Employee is often unable to understand the energy spike and translate energy information into practical saving actions.

Inappropriate of System Emplace

Inability of energy monitoring system to highlight clear and concise messages to allow employees to take prompt actions.

Lack in Appreciation

Employer is often overlook on celebrating energy saving achievement and encourage employee with token of appreciation.


Result of this, the average company disengages with energy management after a few weeks or a month. The truth is that in spite of many measures emplace to reduce energy use, very few changes are implemented, or the full benefits realised, without get the employee engaged with actions. Without engagement and savings, energy management solutions provide very little or no value for the customers.

"25 Steps on Setting up and Running an Effective Energy Management Program?"


Implement Energy Audits

Get Top Management Commitment

Nominate Energy Manager

Set Energy Policy, Objectives and Structure

Assign Responsibilities


Develop Programs for Energy Efficiency Management

Set Target and Measures

Set Priorities

Develop Action Plans

Create Awareness


Train Key Person

Implement Projects

Monitor Progress

Set New Targets

Communicate the Results


Celebrate the Success

Review Results

Verify Effectiveness

Examine Opportunities for Continual Improvements

Correct Deficiencies


Review Original Energy Policy

Review Objectives and Targets

Review Energy Program

Update Action Plans

Start the Cycle Once Again

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